AGM 24 Treasurer’s Report

AGM 24 Treasurer’s Report

Treasurers’s report for AGM 2024: October – September 2023

Dear Member,

It has been an interesting, challenging and unusual year in 2023/4.

Interesting because we have managed to survive Brexit, the pandemic and the cost of living crisis without any grants or sponsorship of any kind. We are completely self-funding.

Challenging, as we have had to deal with all of these set-backs on our own without financial support from outside bodies.

Unusual, because we did benefit froma £500 contribution from the London School of Economics for taking part in their academic survey regarding the link between bad housing and the demand on health service resources.

Due to your kind generosity, we have made a slightly larger surplus in the 2022/23 financial year, so that we can now concentrate more on campaigning in the community

The Committee agreed to use some of the LSE money to pay for our gratis AGM meal, although we shall be reviewing the position for next year.  

The 2022/23 Statement of Accounts is overleaf for your perusal, and I am happy to field any questions you may have on the document. It has been examined by our independent examiner, Mr. Jim Folwell.

 Bob Howes. (Hon. Treasurer – Southend and District Pensioner’s Campaign).