Covid 19 Advice Southend Council

Covid 19 Advice Southend Council

Information on travelling and mixing households between COVID medium and high alert level areas

Please see below information on COVID-alert levels and how it affects travel and household mixing across those areas:Southend-on-Sea Local COVID Alert Medium

The restrictions apply to you as an individual.

If you live in a medium alert area (such as Southend-on-Sea):

  • you can still socialise indoors in groups of up to six* with other people from a medium-alert area;
  • you should not socialise indoors with people who live in a high alert area, unless they are part of your support bubble;
  • you can still socialise outdoors with people who live in a high alert area, but only in groups of up to six.*

If you live in a ‘high alert’ area (such as the Essex County Council local authority area or London):

  • you must not socialise with anybody outside of your household or support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place;
  • you must not socialise in a group of more than six outside, including in a garden or other spaces like beaches or parks*
  • you can continue to travel to venues or amenities that are open, for work or to access education;
  • you should look to reduce the number of journeys you make where possible.

(*legal exemptions may apply)

No matter which area you live in, you should continue to observe guidance on washing your hands, wearing a facemask and social distancing.

Please check the GOV.UK website for more information

Essex Police will have additional resources available over the weekend, and officers will be on patrol and in some cases may work alongside council staff across the wider County as they would do normally. The police’s current and pragmatic approach to keeping people safe is unchanged, and remains: engage, explain, encourage and if necessary enforce the coronavirus legislation.

For more information and updates on Coronavirus, please visit our Coronavirus Information pages.

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